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It is interesting the things that define us, and how we may fight against them. As I embark on this journey of marriage I have discovered how independent I actually am… for better or worse right?

My motivation to start this blog was a desire for another outlet for writing, a venue outside the wonderful maddening world of academia to write.  My muse my BFFs’ blog made with love (saturdayedition.wordpress.com). Like her I love all things food, and the wine that must accompany a good meal.  Living alone my meals were fairly uninspired salad, chicken, pasta, repeat – if I’m honest there was a fair amount of popcorn thrown in there.  Since marrying the love of my life this past August, I have become a wife, a roommate, a provider of all things food.  Settling into all of this plus my usual overwhelming work as a PhD student and lecturer was a challenge. Suddenly my piles of papers and books needed to be organized, I needed to have a dinner prepared when T came home from his real life job (i.e. not the stunted adulthood of academia) and a lunch for the next day.  Within this madness I decided to embrace the undeniable fact that I loved to cook, it was relaxing and rewarding. There was a definitive outcome in an hour or so, unlike whatever research paper was writing at the time.  I began planning the weekly meals, searching through my cookbooks and online for inspiration and motivation to satisfy my inner foodie and the foodie monster I have turned my husband into.

Alas all good things come to an end and T. is once again away at work for a few months, leaving me to my mess and popcorn and the uneasy feeling that I loved sharing my space. I had more or less abandoned the idea of blogging without someone to cook for each night. Enter BFF K. aka made with love wordsmith who reminded me that I should still be cooking for myself and writing about it… So here we go… Thank you for allowing my self-indulgence.

The title un assaggio means a ‘a taste’ in Italian. It was one of the most useful phrases I learned while visiting Rome – how else was I going to ask for a sample at the cheese counter? I hope you enjoy a sample of my thoughts and culinary adventures.