Two posts in one day will not be a norm, however I have been ill of late and going a little stir crazy and yesterday was National Popcorn Day. Now let me start by saying I love popcorn. It is comforting, satisfying, just all around delightful.  As a child I remember hearing my parents laughter on Thursday nights signifying Seinfeld had started, my Mom had made popcorn, and it was our cue to sneak back downstairs to hopefully get to share in the late night snack before being sent back to bed.

As an adult my love of this buttery, salty treat has only grown and developed into a full fledged love affair – particularly with the recent discovery of Fireworks Popcorn.  Fireworks Popcorn is a family run business in Northern Wisconsin, who produce the most swoon worthy popcorn available.  My personal favorite is their Orchard Blossom variety. The lovely mid-sized pink/purple kernels pop into beautiful white, large fluffy popcorn with a light taste perfect for adding your favorite toppings.  My favorite might you ask is a combination of smoked paprika and aged gouda.  If you have air popped the corn, first add some butter or oil (sunflower works well) then toss in the finely grated Gouda and sprinkle with the smoked paprika.  Like all good treats there should be a wine pairing involved, I would pick a Oregon Pinot Nior as the perfect compliment to spice up your usual popcorn routine.