I was very excited when BFF K. posted this recipe after raving about it for a few weeks. It is easy and delicious! I also used chicken breast but next time I will definitely use thigh. I served this with a purple sticky rice, which added great colour to the plate, and naan. Will definitely make again and invest in one of Vij’s cookbooks. Enjoy!!

made with love

Well, winter has finally landed in London (the one and only time I will link to the Daily Mail, I promise). Cue a mix of glee (walks in a snowy Hampstead Heath – was especially great to see all of the dogs enjoying the snow) and incredulity (as this country has not gotten to grips with snow, even after years of dealing with it).

This is the perfect winter curry and it is downright delicious. It comes from the Vij’s cookbook which you may remember from this previous post. This curry takes a lot less time to prepare than the previous one.

This is my own version, adapted from Vij’s.* It would feed 2 very hungry people or 3 not-so-hungry:
1. Sautee a generous amount of chopped garlic in a pan with some vegetable oil. Add a cinnamon stick (or a little powdered cinnamon) – be sure to remove the…

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