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Even though T. and I are quickly approaching our 6 month wedding anniversary gifts are still arriving… Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining!!! Especially when I get to pick up that lovely piece of cookery below – my our (who am I kidding it is all mine!! all MINE!!) Le Creuset Everyday Pan in Ink. It is beautiful! As I am currently using your bog standard Ikea pots this is a huge set up in the world of cookware for me.  My inner chef is jumping around like a 5 year old on Christmas morning and can not wait to use it.. what to do?? So many options… I am thinking about braised veal shoulder.

So I pose this question to the blogosphere –

What should my first meal be in this beautiful pan?Image

PS This lucky girl will also be taking delivery of a 5 piece pot set next week. So stay tuned it is going to be a busy few weeks in my kitchen 🙂