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Do you remember March Break? I do. It was a lovely family vacation normally skiing for a week drinking green hot chocolate on St. Patty’s Day… sigh… life was good. I was pretty lucky to sneak out a few more family vacations once I transitioned from ‘March Break’ to ‘Reading Week’. Ahh the good old days! Those of you reading this who know me have probably clued in that my super productive reading week plans have turned into writers block. I spent the better part of my morning struggling over a literature review, which lead to me reminiscing about how much fun life use to be when I wasn’t a grownup. And I am a grownup. I’m 30 years old 26 years old and married. That is pretty grownup. I’m not really sure where the time has gone, sometimes I am not all that sure how I got to be where am I today, a PhD student living in a place where it is winter 300 days a year. Then I remember it was a lot of hard work and strategic decision making that got me here. I wanted to be here and it is actually pretty great. I may not get to go on family sponsored ski vacations any more, but I’m pursuing something that challenges me and motivates me to grow intellectually and emotionally (grad students need very thick skin). I’ve created my own family with amazing friends and of course T. This may not be the life I imagined when I was 13… BUT it is so much better!!

Now all that soul searching, combined with my lack of writing, called for some serious comfort food for dinner. Well comfort food that was new and a challenge so I could at least say I accomplished something today. I decided it was the perfect night to make creamy chicken with apples, pears, and root vegetables. The first time I saw this recipe in the Ottolenghi series on the guardian website it screamed yummy to me!  I (more or less) followed the recipe – I omitted the pears, used parsley instead of chervil, and added 1 tsp herbs de province, while the fruit and veg were simmering.   The recipe also called for chicken thigh skin on, I used skinless that was all the grocery store had. The chicken was moist, but the crispiness with the skin on would have been good and did look better it the recipe photo (note that I’m pretty sure we have the same pan!! 🙂 )



To serve the recipe suggested plain rice or egg noodles, I felt this was so heavy on veg that I didn’t need anything extra. I decided to keep it simple and served with crusty french bread, which was prefect with the sauce!! Enjoy 🙂