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It’s been a quiet week in my kitchen thanks to teaching, research, writing and everyone’s favorite editing getting in the way of my culinary pursuits. I was by myself for a few days and my meals were fairly uninspired eating while marking assignments or catching up on my guilty pleasure tv (we all have it!). The new series of ‘My Kitchen Rules‘ is fab! But T. is not a fan so I had a few episodes to catch up on. Lots of great recipes, tips and techniques I highly suggest giving it a watch. I had been planning on cooking a pork roast for Friday night, so my simple meals and salad didn’t seem so bad. The pork roast was something I had been looking forward to.. why you might be thinking right now. Well it wasn’t your standard boring pork roast I had ordered a boneless pork loin with the skin still on. I’ve never been a huge fan of pork but lately I’ve been learning a new appreciation for this versatile and healthy meat (yes I know crackling is not healthy, this was an exception). Perusing the delicious website for new ideas I came across the recipe for sweet and herb stuffed roast pork. The photo honestly first drew me in, but using amaretti biscuits in the stuffing is what sold me. As you may have picked up on new or unusual flavour combinations intrigue me. After I picked up this gorgeous looking piece of meat yesterday I could not wait to get home and start cooking. I also made the mistake of taking T. with me to the butchers and left with a lot more meat than planned – can you say kid in a candy store?!?


Remember if you spend the money treat the meat right and let it come to room temperature before cooking.

My butcher nicely scored the meat for me - much easier highly recommend having it done for you.

My butcher nicely scored the meat for me, much easier highly recommend having it done for you.

I’m trying to take on some feedback from one of my followers who has asked for more photos as I’m cooking so bare with me while I work on this. Not to mention I had two hungry men sitting around watching this process and waiting to eat last night.

The roast also gave me the opportunity to try out one of my new kitchen toys – the food loop.  I have the BBQ version of the food loop, but I think it is an ingenious little tool that easily rolls and secures your culinary creation without having to mess around with string. In the last step before putting the roast into the oven, you need to rub sea salt into the skin – I would suggest using corse sea salt too finely ground will get lost and won’t flavour the skin sufficiently. Also after greasing my roasting pan with the sunflower oil I put the pan into the oven while preheating, so the meat so going into the oven in a hot pan. Tip: be sure to use sunflower oil or another oil with a high smoke point, olive oil will smoke during the initial roasting of the skin. If you need help with the measurement conversions in the recipe I’ve posted a guide to help.


Just hanging out waiting for the over and roasting pan to heat up.

While the meat is cooking I prepared the stuffing and veg. I decided on roasting parsnips and carrots as a simple side dish.  The carrots and parsnip were peeled and cut into batons, then tossed in olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper. Really simple the flavours worked great with the pork and stuffing.  Once the pork was cooked (2 lbs = 1 hour @ 350F) I removed and allowed to rest for 30 mins while I prepared the gravy and cooking the veg and stuffing (both in the oven at 375F for 30 mins).  After seeing the awesome color of the crackling these 30 mins were torture!!!

Check out the golden, crispy goodness - YUM!

Check out the golden, crispy goodness – YUM!

After realizing the Friday is my weekly butcher shop visit, C. has become a fixture at our dinner table and after his first experience with crackling last night I expect that is going to continue. Plus he is huge advocate for me getting new knives so I will keep feeding him!!

This pork roast was delicious. The sweetness of the amaretti biscuits complimented the meat so well, but was well balanced with the sage and thyme. I will definitely be making this again, and I imagine it will be requested often.


And just incase you wanted to check out the crackling close up and one last time… 😉


Have a great Saturday! I’m taking a break from the kitchen and academia to watch curling tonight – very Canadiana!! I will back at it tomorrow braising a veal shoulder roast.. as I said T. had a great time food shopping. It is going to be a tasty week in our house 🙂