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If I had to choose to eat out one meal every day for the rest of my life I would choose lunch. I hate preparing lunch, hate thinking about it. Probably because my lunches are generally very uninspired consisting of leftovers, or a salad or sandwich made with those leftovers. In writing that I thought of the yummy sandwich I made with the leftover veal roast with a garlic dressing, lettuce, and gruyère toasted on homemade bread – super tasty 🙂 But for the most part it isn’t that exciting. And worst is I’m a ‘eating at my desk’ offender… even when working from home. Going out for lunch wrestles you away from your desk, email, and the pile of articles to be read and reviewed. It is an indulgent, lovely break in an often hectic day, especially when shared with friends.

When flipping through a cookbook or magazine, or looking online for recipes, I generally skip right over thinking who has time to make lunch. I’m a huge proponent of meal planning, but lunch never features, and subsequently it doesn’t feature on my grocery list either. Yes I am that 80 year old lady with my handwritten grocery list. I’ve downloaded apps to make this process a bit cooler, but they just do not compare a good old fashion list written out on paper.

This moan was brought on by having to cancel lunch plans, due to the overwhelming amount of work I have to get through today, now it is almost noon and my heart and tummy hurt. I shouldn’t have canceled my plans, sushi and a chat would have been delightful right now. Sigh such is the life of a grad student and this grad student has been grading assignment and responding to student emails since 6 a.m. not a fun Thursday. The only upside to being chained to my computer is that I don’t have to venture out in -25 blowing snow – yes it is March!!

I will end my moan by sharing the one lunch recipe I enjoy Tuna & Pesto Pasta Salad. This salad is very tasty when topped with fresh parsley, without it can be a little bland. Best part is that it keeps for a few days, so I generally make it on a Sunday night and have lunch prepared for a few days. I’m not a fan of cucumber, so I left it out. The recipe calls for french dressing and I made my own using this recipe.


Happy Lunch Everyone!! One more day till lunch becomes brunch.. and who doesn’t love a good brunch 😉




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