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Guten Tag!

Last week was… last week I’m going to leave it there and just say I am happy to see it end! Which meant my Friday ritual of visiting “my butcher” and grocery shopping was an even more welcomed outing. Who doesn’t love chatting about food with others who share your love?? By the time I get home with all my goodies I usually can not wait to put on my apron and get cooking. This week was no exception, especially since I had a meal planned that I knew would get the seal of approval.. Pork Schnitzel with Warm Potato Salad. Not to mention a side of boar sausage that I got as a ‘sample’ while visiting at the butcher. Best sample I’ve ever been given!!

For Friday’s I try to follow the old motto ‘know your audience’. The rest of week I cook healthy, things I want to try, or really like. Wow that sounded slightly selfish (okay a lot selfish) I still prepare meals I think T. will enjoy, but I try to create variety. On Friday I like to make something that I know my dinner companions will love. When we had the veal roast a few weeks ago and were reminiscing about our honeymoon, the conversation of course went to food and T. mentioned schnitizel.. No problem I can do that.. cue the internet recipe search. In real life I am very definitive in my decision making, but online recipe searching I am so indecisive. The recipe may be good but always seems to be missing just something, so on I search. All of this could be attributed to my procrastinating ways.. Anyhoo I digress.. after some time I settled on a recipe from Simple Recipes for the schnitizel and the warm potato salad from allrecipes.

Now a particular “avid blog reader” will be disappointed but the pictures are lacking on this, just the finished project this time. I choose visiting over photos 😉 This meal was relatively simple my biggest issue was cooking the cutlets evenly (you’ll notice the burnt ends) thanks to my not so well functioning stovetop. Luckily that didn’t impact the meat, which was not over cooked thankfully. I was recently watching a cooking show and the chef said never throw away bacon fat it was like gold. The potato salad was my first cooking with and eating bacon fat, probably have in a restaurant and didn’t know. The salad was really tasty, but knowing there was bacon fat in it was a little hard for me to get past and only had a small portion – which was sooo good!


Now to my secret… My range is old, very old. The oven does not work and only 2 burners really work, the other 2 are very dodgy. And here is my big secret blog world – I do all my cooking on those 2 burners and a countertop oven aka a toaster oven. Mind blown yet?? I BBQ lots and try to be clever in managing my oven situation. We are currently living in my Aunt’s family home, kind of a prolonged house sitting situation. So this poor grad student does not complain about silly things like non-functioning oven, I learned how to BBQ a turkey and got on with it. Now that T. is here and the burner situation is getting worse, it was decided on Friday night that it was time to get a new range. On Saturday T. & I embraced our marriage and went home appliance shopping. We purchased our first major appliance together! I felt it was a big step, something memorable, the salesman at Sears not so much… 😦 We also did a little dream shopping about which range I would choose when I’m a real adult with a job and a home of our own. Our lovely new range arrives on April 3, life is about to change peeps. Stay tuned followers!