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As I’m deep into this series of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ I can see the Australian influence in my cooking lately, mostly in the amount of lamb we’re eating… They just make it look so good!! With the exception of seafood, lamb is definitely the contestants protein of choice. A few weeks ago my fav contestant couple made Spiced Lamb with Cauliflower Two Ways. Given my love of both the main ingredients I was really excited by this dish. I’d never heard of a lamb backstrap before this recipe – it is a very small cut of meat i.e very expensive but no more than you would pay for beef tenderloin. I had to order this specially from my butcher a few weeks in advance, which provided time for my excitement to grow.

This dish was actually fairly simple, the high quality of meat is really the star, but the techniques were not complicated. The best part is how great it looks once plated. It is definitely a dish to wow a significant other with a romantic meal. ย I had planned this as a weekend dish, where we could take our time, however life stepped in and plans changed, so this ended up as a mid-week meal. But what a great way to brighten up a Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚ In saying that it was getting a little late and I didn’t let the meat rest as long as I should have. The meat is meant to be cooked rare, that may seem a little daunting or off putting to some, but I couldn’t imagine cooking it anymore. The meat was 125F when I sliced it.

I will send you back to the recipe for instructions, but share the photos of my cooking process…

Preparing the cauliflower:

IMG_0560Both ways…



Lamb spice rub – I would suggest preparing the night before to get the most out of the flavour:

IMG_0562Salad for roasted cauliflower:



Seared lamb – after searing according the recipe the internal temp was only 100F. I put the lamb in the oven until the temp was 120F and allowed to rest for 10 mins.

IMG_0569Finished meal plated:

IMG_0571IMG_0572I will definitely be adding this recipe to my dishes to impress list! If lamb isn’t your thing the sides were awesome on their own and pair well with a variety of dishes. The cauliflower salad would be a great side for a BBQ steak.