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As much as I could love to take credit for this delightful little creation I can not.. it comes courtesy of the meat goddess/very bad influence A. at Acme Meats. The poutine burger really represents all that is great about Canada food but really it’s just a fun dinner 🙂 I really can not convey how good these burgers were! We had them Sunday night after being out late to an MGMT concert Saturday night.. let’s just say they were great hangover comfort food for that kind of Sunday night.

To begin I mixed 1 lb. ground beef with 1 egg beaten, 1 tbsp of Old Chicago steak spice, 1 cup of fresh cheese curbs broken into small pieces.


I formed 4 – 1/4 lb patties – the two front a little bigger for T. Wisely I tried to limit the curds exposed on the bottom, now why I didn’t think about flipping them over I’m not sure. I would suggest trying to put the curds in the middle to save making a huge mess of your BBQ…



In the meantime T. went out to get onion rings from A&W **shame**  There was nothing healthy about this meal!!! I felt guilty and tried to offer up a salad, that suggestion was met by a blank stare mixed with disgust that I was trying to ruin this indulgence. Instead of wasting my time with a salad I just focused on making a quick gravy.

Putting these together (on buttered toasted buns) I topped the burger with an onion ring and gravy – the onion ring was a bit of a barrier to keep the gravy on the burger.


After eating two, T. struggled with being full but wanting one more. I even ate 1 and 1/2 which I never do, they were just sooooo good!! I have a feeling these might be a frequent request in this household. Enjoy 🙂