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A few weeks ago T. came along on my weekly shop, I find grocery shopping really highlights how differently we shop. He likes to graze picking up whatever catches his eye, I like to shop with precision, this is true from a grocery store, to a shoe store, to a drug store. With grocery shopping (honestly with most shopping) I have a list and I don’t like to deviate from it, because you just end up with waste or cans that sit in your cupboard forever. As I working my way through the store and my list, T. comes back with a box a large shells – “these look fun, you should make something with them”. Yes dear…

Well delicious magazine never lets me down, about a week of the shells sitting in my cupboard they posted a link for their recipe courgette, broad bean and pancetta pasta in a creamy cheese sauce on twitter. Thanks for the reminder about this yummy dish!

That week my butcher had fresh guanciale and pancetta. I thought a little bit about sticking with the pancetta, but my love of guanciale won out. I thought the texture of guanciale would suit this dish just better than pancetta, which can become almost tough when baked.  If you’ve never had guanciale you are missing out. I was first introduce when T. and I were in Rome in a carbonara dish that I still dream about. I’ve heard it referred to as the magical Roman bacon. It can be very hard to find but if you ever come across it do yourself a favor and buy it!! You won’t regret it. I also included in my chicken dish this past weekend and my guests were huge fans!!

Now to prepping of this dish.. I won’t repeat the recipe as I followed it exactly, making my own basic cheese sauce.

Spring produce, fresh and local, love it! This picture doesn’t really do justice to this zucchini..

IMG_0689Once you grate the zucchini sprinkle with salt and set aside for about 10 mins or so to draw the water out.



Post salt

Post salt

Cooking the guanciale whole. Need to cook it for a few minutes before slicing and adding the veg mixture.


Slicing the guanciale before adding the zucchini and broad beans..IMG_0696Shells stuffed, topped with cheese sauce and ready for the oven.


A bit messy on the plate but so tasty and a wonderful cozy Friday evening meal with a nice glass of white wine.


Those who know me are probably thinking really white wine?? I am not a fan of white wine! At all. But recently at a wine tasting I was introduced to the assyrtiko grape – a native grape of Greece.  The Domaine Sigalas Assyriko-Athiri was actually featured on thekitchn.com as a wine of the week this past February. The grapes are native to Santorini and are very earthy due to the volcanic ash that is present in the soil. It was very dry, crisp and clean with a smoky aroma that you don’t expect from a white wine but was balanced very well with peppery fruit palate.  While you probably walk past the Greek section of your local liquor store (if they even have one) I would highly recommend this wine. Changed my mind on white wine!