I must say there are two things I have been hearing too much lately.. And I equally hate responding to both. First is “I never see/talk to you anymore” I generally sigh, wait for the guilt to settled over me like the comforting blanket that it is (I think only Catholics can truly appreciate that statement) and remember to stop replying “I’m crazy busy”. A few months ago I read an enlightening article on the NY Times website titled ‘The Busy Trap‘. If you find yourself replying ‘busy’ when people ask you how you are I would highly recommend this article for some perspective.

Second is the question “what’s up with your blog?”. I am super flattered that my peeps enjoy reading my hopefully witty cooking adventures, but equally feel guilty about the neglect that not only my blog has been receiving but the neglect my new stove and lovely pots have been enduring. A wise friend suggested I challenge myself with something I haven’t made before.. So I am not on the hunt for a recipe that intrigues me. Please feel free to offer up some suggestions…T. is leaving me next week to return to work, so one last special meal is definitely called for ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I’ve also compiled a grocery list and a meal plan… No more take out for us. Like I’ve said before a meal plan solves all!!

Wish me luck and stay tuned… There will be some culinary adventures shared shortly xx