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This past weekend I attended a knife skills workshop and learned some handy tricks for cutting herbs.. something I struggle with.  I thought I would pass along my newly acquired wisdom to all of you.


This is best thing I have learned in a while (sorry academia).  Take a bunch of parsley, twist up along the stem to remove the leaves. Then take the parsley leaves and ball them up in your palm to form a ball. Place the parsley ball on your cutting board and cut at close intervals. As you cut push the bottom of the parsley ball out, so the ball is almost tilting upwards.  This will give a fine mince perfect for garnish and sauces or salsa.

This tip only works with hearty herbs that won’t bruise.


To easily slice fresh basil into thin strips, stack several basil leaves on top of one another. Roll the stack lengthwise into a cylinder. Using a sharp knife, cut the cylinder crosswise at close intervals to form fine shreds. Be sure to use a sharp knife – a dull knife will bruise the leaves while cutting. This is keep help keep the flavor in your herb not on the cutting board.

The chef made the point that the more you cut the more you can smell the basil which means a loss of flavor as well.

I didn’t take photos but found a great article on how to cut a chiffonade.

This tip works with any delicate, flat leaf herb.

Hope you enjoy these tips as much as I did! Happy Cutting!! 🙂