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When in search of something for a great evening I generally turn to my Italian cook book ‘The Silver Spoon‘. The bible of Italian cooking is an amazing reference and inspiration.  I love Italian food… truth be told I love all things Italian. The week T & I spent in Rome 3 years ago was amazing! I think I began asking when can we go back the moment we stepped on the plane to come home. The one major downside living on this side of the pond.. weekend European getaways do not exist. So if I can’t go to Europe, might as well bring Europe to me. In this case I thought a little Italian romance was needed to celebrate or continue celebrating our impending anniversary. While some may think our continuous celebrating is getting a bit much, I love my husband, I love being married, and I would celebrate that everyday if I could! I should also say that T. is very good to indulge me.

This little celebration took a turn when a friend was in need of a vent, moral support, and the comfort of good friends and food. But that’s okay really the essence of Italian culture is a dinner table filled with family, good friends and good food. Guess I shouldn’t forget wine! We met all requirements on this evening.  I’m going to post this in 2 parts starting with our appetizers.

These two recipes are from a cooking class a group of my girlfriends and I attended put on by a local Italian Shop. Both are very easy and the Bresaola rolls are gluten-free friendly.

Workshop all set up with ingredients and trusty iPad


Prosciutto Rolls with Feta, Fig, & Arugula (12 rolls)

To begin make a lemon vinaigrette by mixing in a small bowl:

  • 2 tbsp of EVOO
  • 2 tbsp of lemon vest
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice

Note: I have a goat milk allergy so I used sleep feta in my rolls.

Mix 6 oz of feta with 3 crushed cloves of garlic.

To make the rolls – lay out a slice of prosciutto, spread a thin layer of cheese, top with a layer of fig spread, drizzle the lemon vinaigrette, top with arugula and ground pepper. Roll prosciutto, placing on a tray seam side down.


Ignore the burner mark.. T., the chopping board, and stove had a disagreement awhile back.

Bresaola Rolls with Red Peppers & Capers

Lay out one slice of bresaola, place one piece of roasted red pepper, a few capers, and roll. Place seam side down on tray and drizzle fresh lime juice over the rolls.


I guess a picture of my tray would have been good, but you can sort of see it peeking out in the background.

These rolls are a simple, but impressive start to any meal, especially when paired with a bottle of prosecco and great friends!

Stay tuned for our main course summery braised shoulder of lamb.