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One of the main benefits of being a graduate student is that your birthday can fall on any day of the week and you will have friends and colleagues lining up to celebrate you.  The normal internal conversation usually goes something like.. I really should stay home and finish this manuscript/grade these papers/read that book but I could go for just one glass of wine/beer. I really should be social.. Generally graduate students will take any excuse to leave their offices and homes and well.. have a drink. Well some of you may think that sounds terrible I defy you to find one grad students who turns down having a drink with friends. The grad student who cheers out loud to the idea of a drink is probably visiting The Valley of Shit and you should take pity.

Anyway I digress. It was the birthday of a lovely friend recently and I thought I would show my love, by not simply just showing up on a Monday night, but by showing up with some homemade appetizers. At times it is easy just to pick up some cheese or **shame** a frozen box of something, but I like to make something for those dear to me.  Plus his GF is a fellow foodie so I knew she’d appreciate the effort 😉

I decided to embrace fall and the changing weather with Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Turnovers – the combination screamed September to me! I did attempt and fail at making my own pastry. Truth be told there was trial and error with the prepared puff pastry as well, which is to blame for no nice photos, as I finished these off about 5 minutes before I was due to leave for the party. And I really shouldn’t complain since I spent a Monday afternoon fussing with pastry! Again the simple joys of graduate student life.

My words of wisdom on turnovers would be to make a guide to cut the pastry. Once I had the correct sized square to guide me it got a lot easier and quicker.

The flavors were a delicious fall hit. I would definitely recommend these turnovers the next time you are bringing an appetizer to a party. They transported easily and were tasty served at warm temperature.

I won’t repost the recipe the link is above, but will share a few photos. Enjoy!!

Apple, cheese, and nut mixture



Much better with the guide. My first batch didn’t turn over so well and were way too big!



Quick snap of the last batch…IMG_1102Pastry may not be my forte I think I require a touch more practice.