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Beef shorts ribs are quickly becoming one of my favorite cuts of meat (sorry duck breast you have some competition).  So I was very pleased when T. requested them for our Sunday meal together last week – although what he actually meant were Korean Short Ribs (oops).  Good thing I had a delicious plan for the short ribs!! A few months ago while procrastinating and browsing the smitten kitchen site I came across a post for braised beef short ribs that looked amazing. I added this to my growing list of must make recipes once the temperature started to drop.

Much like Deb’s post the first time I cooked beef short ribs I thought something had gone horribly wrong when the meat came off the bones. I quickly realized this was a very good thing. It also makes it very easy for husbands to sneak “tester” bites while plating up.

You might be wondering about the title of this post. Looking at the recipe you will see that it is served with potato puree and swiss chard – well I hate swiss chard. Correction child me hated swiss chard and I had not had this veggie since I could say no to finishing my plate. I remember a bitter offensive vegetable that no butter or parmesan could fix. However now that I’m an adult, I’ve made friends with cauliflower and brussel sprouts, I thought it was time to give swiss chard another chance. Sautéed with pearl onions served beneath some tasty short ribs seemed like a good place to start… Well I’m sure most of you will enjoy it, I still did not. Adult me felt the same way about swiss chard as I did as a child. Moment of shame I actually piled the swiss chard to the side of my plate.  Needless to say next time I make this meal I will definitely be switching up the sides. It is nice to know that some things never change 😉

I followed the recipe exactly so I won’t repost – I did skip the horseradish cream since T. is not a fan I thought the extra step wasn’t necessary for just me.  This is the first time I put the ribs back in the oven after braising, but the crispiness of the outside of the meat combined with the tender, melt in your mouth inside was an amazing combination. Definitely try that tip next time you braise short ribs!

This dish filled our home with a wonderful aroma while braising perfect for a cozy Fall Sunday afternoon





3 hours later..

3 hours later..