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That’s right I am a leftover goddess… That self proclamation really shouldn’t come as a shock to my regular readers who are familiar with my love of leftovers. Honestly any hard-working home chef who doesn’t love having some pre-prepped protein waiting in the fridge is… Well let’s just say it LYING. Saving those extra minutes or hours is life saving on a weeknight!  The trick to being successful with leftovers (aka a leftover goddess) is the re-invention of said protein. While occasionally I am guilty of just duplicating and reheating generally I try to reinvent the leftover meat, veggies, etc. into something unrelated, which keeps variety in nightly meals and throws picky husbands off the scent of leftovers.

Last week after the crowd pleasing pork belly I was left with quite a lot of meat. To mix it up from the traditional roast like meal we had had I decided to start off by using some of the left over meat to make Pork Belly Mantou.  It was a Sunday so I had plenty of time to make the steamed buns (which are a favorite of T’s) as I wouldn’t recommend them for a week night they can be a little time-consuming. I decided to follow the recipe as posted for mantou, however I will say I like my previous recipe for steamed buns better and will more than likely go back to that one in the future. Last attempt making steamed buns culminated in a mini breakdown/fit when T. dropped the last batch of precariously balanced buns into the boiling water. I am happy to report this round did not involve any tears – progress 🙂  Although I still should purchase a wok with a steamer insert one of these days.

I won’t repost the recipe as I more or less followed it exactly. The only difference being I started with step 2 of the pork as mine was already cooked.  As you will see in the photo my mantou were a little big and I cut them in two to serve.

This was a tasty use of the leftover meat and possibly better received than the original meal.. Which was very welcomed praise for this self-confessed leftover goddess 😉


PS Part two of the pork belly left overs was more American comfort food with Pork Belly Mac & Cheese.. post coming soon.