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Yikes these past two weeks have flown by!! I have a little bit of catch up to play blog wise.  For the first time I actually have a back log of posts to work through… I will get to the pork belly mac & cheese I promise.

Since I last posted I spent a few days nursing the flu. One of those awful body collapses from stress and gives into being sick flues.  After a few well needed days in bed and one mellow-dramatic moment where I thought I has measles later (why you shouldn’t watch the news while sick) I recovered just in time for my Mom’s first visit west!

I’ve been here 4 years now.. wow time flies when you’re not having fun in grad school.. and my Mom had not come to visit. Fair enough I wouldn’t want to leave the temperate east coast for blizzard like weather, but come on I am her favorite first-born. Happily she was pleasantly surprised with her time here. Of course I did wine and dine her showing the best the city had to offer. Including my braised beef short ribs.. which I swapped out the swiss chard and served braised leeks instead (my new favorite veggie side dish!!). I was sad to see her go it was lovely to have a dedicated week with my mommy, and a heart panging reminder of how much I miss my family and home. Sigh. Before I digress too much (as I’ve done before) I will simply share a delightful korma recipe I made a few weeks back.

The first line of the post from The Kitchn sums up this recipe perfectly..”comfort food doesn’t have to mean heavy and cheesy”. (Don’t get me wrong cheesy comfort food is still my guilty pleasure!) This lamb korma ticks all the right comfort food boxes including that it gets better with each day.  Even though it is tempting and does take some forward planning I would highly recommend leaving this sit for at least a day before serving – your patience will be rewarded!!  Instead of the whole roasted sweet potatoes I cut mine into smaller pieces and roasted. Very enjoyable and something I will definitely make again 🙂