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After my last post my wee cousin (who I very affectionately refer to as mini-me) asked me how do I have time for everything?  My answer was a lack of sleep in a joking sort of manner. But as I law awake that night thinking about the 8 am meeting I had, what fresh hell tasks were waiting for me at work, and what I was going to cook T. for dinner I realized it wasn’t really a joke… bare with me this is going to be a slightly (okay overly) indulgent post regarding the current state of my life… but if you can’t be self-indulgent on our own blog where can you be?!?

At the moment I have too many things on my plate. And I do not believe that anyone , especially woman, can have it all or do it all.

Perhaps I should join or create a support group Academics Anonymous.  However I’m sure it isn’t just lowly grad students who feel this way. Not too worry I’m not that far up the ivory tower I can’t see the ground.  The fact that I’ve been writing this post for over a week  two weeks now really sums up my life perfectly. I constantly have that over-whelming feeling that I’m failing at everything – including this blog. Point in case earlier this fall I set a goal of reaching 100 posts before the 1st year anniversary in January. Let’s just say that’s another goal I am going to miss.

The day I started writing this post I was up at 6 am, took the pork cheeks out of the freezer for dinner, got to and survived my 8 am, spent a few hours working thinking I would make it home by early afternoon to clean up and cook dinner for T’s first night home in over a month. Well I got home to a puppy with a swollen eye, after an emergency trip to the vet, I finally made it home and was able to start dinner around 6. Some burnt onions later I managed to produce sherry braised pork cheeks with garlic risotto around 9. Luckily we were both to exhausted and drained to notice or care the black bits of onion, which thankfully didn’t show up in the photos. Maybe I should aim to make less impressive dinners especially braising when I start at 6 on a weeknight, but cooking in my little kitchen is the best escape.

So for now I will continue to get up at 5:30 am, hope for the best, and continue to apologize to friends and family for being MIA. At least T. thinks I’m pretty great 😉 Which is mostly due to his happy tummy!

IMG_1203Rant over – I will end this indulgent post by saying this meal was amazing! Burnt onions and all it was so tasty. The garlic risotto was the perfect accompaniment to the pork cheeks. Can’t wait to make it again (when I have more time of course)…