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I have a confession. My internet search history has indicated to me that I may have slight obsession with outdoor kitchens at the moment. Really summer is made for dining al fresco.. so why not al fresco prep?

As you see below at the moment I’m making do with my picnic table and BBQ. But when I’m a grown up.. and please don’t ask when that’s going to be.. I love the idea of a proper outdoor kitchen. Side burners, counter space, fridge, pizza oven… Oh my! Really it makes perfect sense… When BBQ’ing I spend half my time running in and out of the house, or worse completely stuck in the house prepping the food while my friends are enjoying a lovely evening outside. Does that seem familiar? So recently I decided to do the prep work outside. T. was home for the weekend, it was just us, easy decision. And I have to say I think I am on to something…

Join the party. Free yourself from the kitchen.

Join the party. Free yourself from the kitchen.

I know this always practical, especially if there is a large group or children around, but why be stuck in a kitchen while everyone else is enjoying outside?? Pack up your supplies, grab your cutting board and a bottle of wine and get out there… Especially if you are like me and live somewhere where it is Winter 8 months of the year.

Appetizer on the BBQ isn’t the easiest, but here is an easy but very impressive recipe that (as I’ve proven) can be prepped, cooked, and elegantly served outside.

Fresh Green Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto and Stuffed with Sheep Feta

Serving: 2 figs per person.

  1. Rinse the figs, and cut off the top and bottom so they are flat.
  2. Cut an x in the top of the fig BUT do not cut all the way through, just half way.
  3. Stuff each fig with 1 tbsp of feta cheese (I used sheep feta, because I have a goat milk allergy)
  4. Wrap the fig with 1-2 pieces of prosciutto
  5. Set the figs into a foil tray (I made one with heavy duty foil).
  6. Drizzle with olive oil
  7. Cook at 450F on the BBQ for 10 mins
  8. Once cooked season with pepper and serve drizzled with a balsamic glaze (optional)

IMG_1227 Honestly I wasn’t quite sure how T. was going to like this dish, but he loved it! The syrup from the figs and probably fat from the prosciutto was so delicious he suggested I make fig jam.. And on that note we will end here and save that for another post!



Thoughts on al fresco dining/cooking/living? Love it, hate it? Let me know I’d love to hear your opinions while I’m busy planning my outdoor kitchen… 😉