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These days I seem to be spending a lot of time playing catch up and tying up loose ends.. or perhaps a better metaphor would be picking up ALL the balls I’ve dropped the past few months.  Guess my little blog shouldn’t be any different! I have a few posts that I started in February that should be finished, so I’m going to try to go back and finish them off. Try being the key word in that sentence.

One recipe that I really did want to share was a pasta I made in January. The pasta very easy with a tomato sauce with cauliflower and saffron. It was based on a recipe from Delicious Magazine. The original recipe included pine nuts and currents – I don’t like fruit in savory recipes and T. doesn’t like nuts so neither ingredient made the cut. This simple weeknight dish seemed more complicated and luxurious thanks to the addition of the saffron.

In my version of the pasta I used a bit more tomato to balance out the lacking other ingredients. It was very tasty and I’ve been thinking about it lately – partly because it was so tasty but mostly because I think it would make a great cold side for a summer BBQ. And luckily with T. away I can add in the pine nuts now. It would be a bit different but I think it could be a fresh take on a summer pasta salad that would match up well with a BBQ steak.

IMG_1211As I’m finishing off this quick little post I’m realizing I will now have back to back posts that include saffron.. No I’m not obsessed with this pricey spice I swear! However I do have a nice collection from my trip to Istanbul last September that I have been having fun experimenting with.

AND once it’s all gone it will be a good excuse to go back 😉

Entrance to The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Entrance to The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul