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Dear Merlot,

I have to admit I owe you an apology. For the past 10 years I have judged you rather unfairly.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of a little movie called Sideways? … Watching the movie 10 years ago as an impressionable 20 year old (well not quite, but close enough) I took away a bad impression of Merlot and a romanticized view of Pinot. From then on when considering drinking Merlot, especially Californian Merlot, I heard Miles in my ear…

In my young mind there had to be something wrong with you.. please keep in mind at this point in my life I was more beer less Chateauneuf du Pape. The presentation of wine, its’ importance and meaning, in the movie connected with me in so many ways. Those great scenes between Miles and Maya discussing the delicacy of Pinot grapes and the lifecycle of wine, which were really metaphors for life and change were magic. With so much passion, I thought this movie probably knows more than me about wine and not wanting to seem horribly uncool, I crossed you off my drinkable list.

However, these past few years my tastes have evolved, and as I have grown and learned about wine, shamefully my distaste of you has remained the same. A distaste truthfully based on nothing more than Miles’s dislike of Merlot. Unless forced, and maybe the odd French or Argentinian Merlot, Merlot has not touched these lips.

Since this week is the 10th Anniversary of Sideways I decided this was a good of time as any to apologize to you and your producers, by buying a nice bottle to cheers Miles and the gang.

After some research and recommendations I picked up a bottle of Trefethen 2010 Merlot. Which turned out to be the prefect choice since the vintner sent a bottle to the movies’ director to defend your honor.


Why I’ve waited so long to explore Merlot now escapes me. Trehethen Merlot embodies the flavors I love most in a wine. On the nose it is rich with plum, tobacco, and dark chocolate. Tasting the wine you get more dark ripe fruits, green figs, and dark chocolate that finishes so well. Merlot this must be what you are meant to taste like, and you are gorgeous!

So this weekend… I’m drinking f@#king Merlot. Cheers Miles!

I’m sorry I got you so wrong Merlot, I will attempt to explore more of your charming grape in the future.

Kindest Regards

P.S. I will always love Maya’s description of why she’s so into wine.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Everyone!