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If you are like me and have one two a few little tins of tomato paste tucked in the back of your fridge, probably growing a little fuzz, but placed there with the best intention to be finished – this tip is for you!

Tomato paste has to be one of the most wasted food items. Most recipes only call for a tablespoon or two, but then you are left with the rest of the tin. Then what? Honestly there have been times when I’ve added in extra paste to a recipe just to limit the waste.

Feeling annoyed at this waste, I decided to do some research about freezing tomato paste to combat this and came across the best tip to save the remaining paste..

Once you have used the required tomato paste, spoon the remaining paste on to parchment paper – I did this as approximately 1 tablespoon balls/blobs- then place into the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Remove and place frozen paste ‘balls’ (?) in a ziplock bag, ready for use in your next recipe. Genius!!


Do you have any food saving tips? I’d love for you to share them πŸ™‚