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What I’ve loved this week… 

Kitchen Cheat Sheet. This comprehensive cheat sheet should be printed off and stuck on every home chefs fridge. Conversations (temp & measurement), butchery tips, food storage guidelines… something for everyone.

23 Ways to Eat a Baked Potato. Easy and creative dinner ideas on how to dress up a baked potato perfect when you are cooking for one!

Wine Suitcase. Dangerous or genius? I haven’t decided.

It’s pretty clear the Holiday season is upon us. Perhaps a little early but none the less I did love the holiday movie info graphic in the New York Times last Sunday.

NY times

Lovely recipe collection of Autumn Comfort Foods from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary (including my Fava Bean & Bacon Pasta). All recipes focus on shopping local. Thanks Elizabeth!

Mixed feelings about this one, but the top whisky in the World Whisky Bible 2015 is from… Japan. That’s right. Scotland doesn’t even capture second and third those spots go to American bourbons.

Just started to read Mermaids In Paradise by Lydia Millet. Definitely taking some turns I wasn’t expecting, but so far a delightful read.

What I’ve been drinking this week… 

My delightful Darjeeling Gin Gimlet cocktail.

Otherwise it has been a wine detox week after my week in France 😉 But I am off to check out a new local wine store later today, so this section should be more interesting next week!!

What Coco & Tom have loved this week…

After both having good check ups and behaving for the vet, I picked up a treat from their absolute favorite Wild Bites. Wild Bites is a Canadian company that focuses on healthy, high quality ingredients but also on creating tasty treats your dogs will love!

What have you loved this week?? I’d love to hear!

Have a great weekend 🙂


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