Photography 101

For the month of November I am participating in Photography 101 – Blogging University it hopes of improving the photos of my food and live I share with the world. Each day I will be posting my assignment photo on this page… And come November 30th hopefully the progression will be visually clear!

Please feel free to share any tips or resources to help me along on this journey.

Day 7 – Landmark

As it is Remembrance Day here Canada, I am sharing a photo of Canada Gate, Green Park, London. Canada Gate, and the memorial behind, is a tribute to the 113,663 members of the Canadian Forces killed during the First and Second World War.

Canada Gate London

Day 6 – Connect

Our theme to start week 2 is connect. What I’m really enjoying about this course is the freedom to interpret themes. My first thought about ‘connect’ was photographing my iPhone – it’s how I connect to my husband who works away, my parents at home, friends now scattered around the world, and with all of you at times. But after some contemplation I decided the phone (texts, emails, internet) was the medium not the connection (feel free to disagree and debate!)

So I decided to share I photo I took a few weeks ago while visiting Paris of the ‘Lock Bridge’ a physical representation of loves connection.  All of the locks representing two people connected, or a family connected, and the hope that connection will last a lifetime.

paris, honeymoon, love, lock bridge, pont neuf

Day 5 – Solitude 

Perhaps the opposite to bliss – the assignment today is solitude.

The first thing that came to mind when reading the assignment was the last, lonely bright red tomato hanging on a seemingly dead plant on my patio.


garden, tomato, plant, fall, harvest



Day 4 – Bliss

Bliss. This was an interesting assignment. As some have already pointed out you can not plan bliss. It is the prefect unexpected moment.

After some careful thought about how to represent bliss – my home, husband, family, fur children. I decided on the photo below which still makes my heart go a flutter every time I look at it.

Whistler Mountain, skiing, British Columbia

Whistler Mountain Jan. 30, 2014

This photo was taken last January on top of Whistler mountain. One of my two happy places. It was a gorgeous day, but for me the bliss was more about being on the mountain. The crisp air, the freeness, the expansive views of the mountains above the clouds. Bliss.

To me the one flaw is the person in the bottom right of the photo. To remove that I would have to crop the photo, which would cut the snow and ruin the balance of the photo.

Do you edit your photos? Any program recommendations would be great – but easy to use recommendations!

Day 3 – Water

It’s day three and so far I just seem to be digging into my photo archives for photos, hopefully that’s not cheating… Seeing as I live in a land locked city, I don’t have much of a choice today, but I am itching to take my camera and get outside for an assignment!

Water. Growing up on the ocean. Water is my deeply rooted in my soul. The first thing I do when I get home is walk out to look at the beach and the water. It is soothing, peaceful, powerful, and at times dangerous. It is recreation and industry, all flowing together.

The photo selected was taken last September while visiting Istanbul with my Dad. The photo was taken in the Sea of Marmara, near the entrance to the Black Sea. The shot captures a small personal fishing boat, probably a fisherman fishing to feed his family or more likely to sell at a market stall or to local restaurants. The wake in the foreground is from the ferry we were traveling on and the wake in the background is from a large commercial fishing or transport boat. As tranquil as the scene appears, I think the wakes remind us of the destructive nature and dangers that exist, especially for those trying to earn their livelihood on the water.

istanbul fisherman fishing sea marmara

Day 2 – The Street

Our assignment today is to photograph ‘the street’. When I received the assignment last night I was hoping for a sunny, fall day to capture unseen beauty on my neighbourhood streets. But I woke up to a fairly bleak, grey day. So instead I am sharing one of my favorite photos that I took using my phone the first Saturday of October, which turned out to be the last, beautiful, warm fall day. You know that day that will carry you through to spring.

farmers market edmonton 104 street october

I think the beauty of this shot is the sun through the trees. As you can see it was a beautiful Saturday morning at the local farmers market.

The photo was taken with my iPhone and edited to correct the colors using iPhoto.

Day 1 – Home

The first post in the Photography 101 course. The assignment was share a photography of home.

My home no matter how far away I may be. A view I long for everyday…



23 thoughts on “Photography 101”

  1. “So far” would be my caption for it.

  2. Sun in the trees, I like it.

  3. A bustling market and a vast expanse of ‘nothing’. Wonderful contrasts. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I like the contrast of the local market and the humble looking stalls with the slick skyscraper in the background! Great capture of the sunshine too.

  5. The sun through the trees really pulls the whole “feel” of the image together.

  6. Love the market scene! yes the sun peeking out from the trees is a really nice touch!

  7. I like your home! The other photos are nice too. I like how the sun comes through the trees in the market and the little boat looks fun. 🙂

  8. Your photography is stunning. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Stunning photos! Keep it up 👆!

  10. Love the tomato representing solitude – beautiful photo!

  11. I would also like to take a photography class. Great pictures.

    • I would definitely recommend the Photography 101 class – you can link to the class from the badge in the footer area of my site. Thanks for checking out my photos 🙂

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