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I recently attempted and failed at making fig jam. It was my first time making jam so I wasn’t terribly surprised or upset it failed. Then one of those weird coincidences occurred   when a blog post featuring a recipe for Whiskey, Bacon, and Fig jam came up on my newsfeed. I’m going to think of it as a lovely coincidence not the internet trolls monitoring what I’m up to 😉

Obviously this jam sounded a lot better than the fig, sugar, and water mess I produced. So back off to my local Italian grocery for another flat of figs and another attempt at jam. Thankfully this second attempt was a success! With this flavor combination it is kind of hard to go wrong, but for whatever reason when there is sugar involved my success rate in the kitchen drops considerably.

I followed Tanaya’s recipe more or less exactly, except I swapped out the bacon for pancetta and omitted the lemon juice at the end. The flavor was delicious so I thought why risk it.


It didn’t state in the recipe how long to leave the figs simmer, but I let mine simmer over very low heat for about 1.5hrs. 


IMG_1242Since the weather has been bordering on a heat wave and I had been making jam all day, I thought the best way to treat myself was jam and ice cream. Thanks for the idea and recipe Tanaya!!

IMG_1244Can’t wait to try my jam.. I’m thinking baked brie or glaze/sauce for BBQ’d flank steak. Yum!!